Bob's 1FineCaprice

  Body Changes 


From this angle you can see the Impala trunk lid spoiler, black trim tail lights,  trunk lock cover,  LT1 rear logo,  color matched bumper inserts, wheel lip moldings,  tinted rear window and carbon fiber look license plate frame

From this view Impala wheels,  color matched body side moldings, Impala grill, and clear cornering lights


I wanted to be sure people knew my car was a Caprice


I never liked having only the outer and inner tail lights on each side work for the brakes and turn signal.  A little grinding, a new center bulb socket,  a little wiring and now all three lights work


1157 taillights were replaced with 33% brighter 2357




2357 33% BRIGHTER 40/3cp


The Caprice hood ornament was replaced with the LTZ hood badge


I thought the Ram air sticker from SLP was in order with the RAISS and AF1 cold air system


Custom plate frame was a surprise gift from my wife


50 Watt back up bulbs really help with the dark tinted rear window


 Painless wiring harness upgrade puts much more light on the road



Headlight covers hide the backside of the headlight capsule and gives it a finished look


Chrome bulbs appear clear when the lights are off and turn amber when lite.  I liked this mod in the front parking/turn signal light to compliment the monotone color of the car and add the illusion of width to the headlight capsule

Chrome bulbs look clear when lights are off and amber when lite. Not the look everyone wants but for now it works for me.

The factory build sheet is located under the passenger front seat. Among other things it will give you the exact time it finished assembly