Bob's 1FineCaprice


                 Dyno Tuning Results


Dal and I watch as the dyno results are in and fine tuning begins.


For a basically stock motor with a few bolt on modifications, I am very pleased.  Changing the A/F mixture to 13.1 - 13.2  from 13.4 added a much flatter power curve.

272HP at the rear wheels equals around 326 at the flywheel and 319 Lbs of torque at the rear wheels equals around 382 Lbs of torque at the flywheel.

My shift points are 5450 RPM's, which is just where power begins to fall off. 

All data was taken prior to adding and programming for 3.5 F body MAF and changing from 1.6 stamped steel rockers to Comp Cams 1.6 full Roller Rockers and CM614 valve springs.  Hopefully figures will be even better as the car feels much stronger


Results were a good day at the track on test and tune night. I don't race my car but I do take it to the track once a year for a couple of easy passes. 

Here I am having fun with a M5 BMW.  I lost to his 12.5 1/4 mile @ 115 MPH, but I did manage to holeshot him 3 times in a row.  If you look closely you'll see we both have the green light and he gets to see my taillights. 

My times were a respectable 14.61 @ 94 MPH