Bob's 1FineCaprice


Engine Upgrades


RAISS cold Air Intake works very well at bringing in outside air and keeping the rain out.  Dual filter intake may not show any improvements over a single filter but adds to the look I want


Amsoil filters use a powerstack style end that they and S&B filters claim to help airflow. Amsoil also use a filter element that does not use oil wetted paper yet is still cleanable and has outstanding filtering properties.

To reduce heat from being transfered through the bottom on the RAISS I lined the bottom of the airbox with 1/2 inch styrofoam

Black 1/8th inch ABS plastic with a textured finish was cut to size and inserted over the styrofoam


Throttle Body Air Foil is not a cost effective performance mod, But every little bit helps.  



According to GM, the Mechanical fan robs you of about 10HP.  Dual electric fans are an easy change.   My "How To" write up can be read in the tech section at :


Silicone TB Boot is smooth inside and will not warp from the heat.  Also note the Throttle Body Bypass has been done to eliminate hot water from being routed around the throttle body and a LT1 Throttle body cover plate added.

Heat shield helps heat from the engine from warming the air in the throttle body boot


LT4 Knock Module helps prevent false knock signals being sent to the PCM.  It won't gain you any HP, but it will prevent the PCM from retarding the timing due to noise from exhaust and valvetrain. 


Heavy Duty Battery Cables from Innovative Wiring insure against loss of battery voltage.  These cables are much thicker than stock and connections are very high quality. The photos show stock GM cables compared to new Innovative wires.  As much as this might seem like an overkill,  wires like this can give you maximum power for lights, stereo, starting or that AC fan without straining the system.



After trying both the 160 and 180 degree thermostats I opted for the 180 for street driving.  Both allowed my PCM's to work without any spark retard, allowing full use of my 92 octane programming.  After much real world testing I found no noticable power difference, but fuel economy was significantly better with the 180 degree thermostat. Gains of 1.5 MPG where shown on the 92 octane PCM after a 250 mile period for the PCM to learn.


Speed Bleeder makes getting the air out of the cooling system much faster and the clear tubing allows you to see when all the air is out and stop coolant from running on the Optispark.


Magnecore Spark Plug Wires are the best you can buy. Once you try to change them you'll see why you only want to do it once


Comp Cams #26915 Beehive Valve springs with #795 light weight retainers and #611 10 degree locks along with Comp Cams Pro Magnum self aligning 1.6 ratio roller rocker arms part number 1318-16 were my choice of valvetrain components.  1.52 ratio Comp Cams Pro Magnum rocker arms are also very popular and carry the part number 1317-16.   Note the difference in spring shape from the Beehive on the right and  the CM 614 springs on the left.  Beehives are much more stable at higher RPM's and lighter in weight.



Blue Band Valve seals are easy to change and are inexspensive.  To instal,  be sure to tap them down to seat them. I used a small socket and brass hammer.   Adjusting valves is not hard but a very important part of a good running motor.                                                                                    



Water Pump drive seal needs to be installed carefully.  I prefer the special Kent Moore instal tool     



The F Body MAF is larger than the B Body MAF. With proper PCM tuning, additional HP can be had with this mod.


Composite valve covers from the LT1 Corvettes have additional clearance and reduce noise when using roller rocker arms plus add a nice look


Deleteing the AIR pump is allowed by GM and the EPA and makes a cleaner look and  easier to work on. Follow the TSB for this procedure and save the old parts if you remove them as some inspection stations require the old disconnected parts be left on the motor.


Flowmaster Force III exhaust features manfral bent 2 1/4 inch pipes, H pipe and stainless steel tips. This system is very quiet with no inside the car drone.


F body EGR valve is more durable than the B Body EGR valve and works better with free flowing exhaust than the stock B Body EGR


Rather than letting dirty air enter the throttle body from the valve cover. I added a breather filter that attaches by cutting the stock hose. The filter has 1/2 inch ends that fit the hose perfectly.  This filter keeps the throttle body and intake clean from deposits

As an update on this mod,  I have found that the filter needs to be changed about every 4000 miles.  It has done a great job keeping the throttle body clean. 



PCM programming is by Alex at PCMperformance. I have tried many of the popular programmers and PCMperformance has been by far the best I have used. I have two PCM's right now. A 92 octane for maxium performance and  87 octane tuning for performance and economy. Good programming is one of the best changes you will ever make


The S10 converter increases the stall speed from around 1400 RPM's to around 2100 RPM's. Not near as impressive as the Converters from Yank or Edge but a nice improvent can be felt when you floor it, yet it is smooth as silk in everyday driving

The Auto X Ray is a high quality Real Tine Scanner that allows you to read data as you drive, capture data to read later and even download data to your PC.


Factory Service  Manuals are far superior to other manuals that offer only general information