Bob's 1FineCaprice

Interior Changes


                             Interior changes


For me changing to bucket seats and floor shift changed the entire personality of the car. To obtain the bucket seats I used 2 - 40% side seat frames from the 60/40 seats on the average Caprice and reversed the reclining lever for the drivers side.  I was able to reuse the seat cover from my passengers side seat and was lucky to buy new new GM seat covers for the drivers side.

The floor shift conversion was all new parts except for the shifter and trans bracket. Thanks to the guys on the forum who helped me locate a used shifter and bracket.



To give the shift conversion that finished look I removed the shift handle,  ground off the remaining nub on the column,  then filled and painted the column


The 1996 Camero Z28 insturment cluster has sporty look and adds a tachometer. Patience during the instalation was important to get a really nice fit.



GM compass mirror with map lights. This mirror was used as an option on many 91-96 GM models. The digital compass has a backlite LCD and wires easily into the factory wiring



Having John Moss sign my car was a real treat



Monsoon Series Delco radio is an upgrade with higher output and a fuller sound with the looks of the stock Delco radio


6.5 Infinity Reference speakers in the doors and 6x9's in the rear helped the sound quality


Norm Laundrys' upgraded seat rails stop the common rocking of the seats


The trunk project included the Scott Williams kit with side panels and storage compartments. I opted for a mini spare to help add room. GM cargo net and hung the GM 12 CD changer that works directly from the stock GM cassette radio

Caprice SS dashplate adds to the detail of the project


My wife bought me this


The third brake light needed something special so I added this



Texas stickers were reproduced with the cooperation of the UAW and I proudly display it on my made in America by Americans car


This switch controls the power antenna up and down as I mostly use the CD player and don't want the antenna to automatically go up


To make things extra quiet and reflect heat I lined the floors, doors and trunk with 1/8th inch foil back foam. It has an adheasive back and works very well.  It's availible at Home depot in the heating and cooling department.  3 rolls at about $14 a roll made things very quiet.