Bob's 1FineCaprice


I have to thank my wife who has always encouraged me to do this project.  Never once has she complained about the time I spend or the money spent doing projects over and over until I get it right

My son Mathew found this and knew I had to have it

My son Andy had my own personal orange soda made with a custom logo


And a Big thanks to my daughter Becky for giving me her car instead of trading it in so I could save the Caprice from the hard winters here in Michigan


Factory Service Manuals and Auto X Ray real time scanner make working on this car much easier. Good family makes it Fun!



Of course you need a hat for those sunny days



A forum member made these.  My choice of drinks Coca Cola on ice



             Attention B Body Owners

                              You Might Have Impala-Itis

DANGER!! There is a new and very contagious virus spreading throughout the world. It has been known to have spread through e-mail or even normal telephone lines. For your convenience, the Impala mailing list has compiled this list of symptoms to aid in diagnosis. If you find that you have contracted this disease, do not attempt to cure it! It is irreversible. You will learn to accept it and Enjoy it!

                            You just might have Impala-itis when...

  • Your dealer hides when he sees you coming.
  • You have interesting conversations with the hardware guy  about the flow characteristics of sewer pipe.
  • Someone says "pitcher's mound" or "home plate" and you think he's talking cars.
  • Mobil 1 sends you a card at Christmas.
  • You know what "TSB" means.
  • You get excieted whenever someone says "LT4".
  • You know who Jon Moss is.
  • You wave at perfect strangers who have the same car as you...and they wave back!
  • Your wife or husband starts buying all their underwear in black, dark cherry, or green-gray.
  • You can't function on the job because your spouse took your car to work today.
  • You spend at least an hour a week polishing your exhaust pipes.
  • You face Arlington and pray five times a day.
  • You refer to Troy at NAISSO as Brother Wilrick.
  • You won't vacuum the house once a month but you sweep the garage once a week.
  • Your wife wants to know why your underwear smells like car exhaust.
  • Your dealer calls you when he has good deals on Impala parts.
  • Your dealer calls you with Impala questions.
  • You wave at perfect strangers who have the same car as you...and get mad when they don't wave back!
  • You pick out all of the "wrong parts" on the Impala toy at Wal-Mart.
  • Your dog can fetch a 5/8ths box end wrench.
  • You swing by the house at lunch to check your Impala email instead of eating.
  • You would rather drive across the country, even though it is twice as cheap to fly.
  • You close the trunk with one finger in the keyhole.
  • You say, "look! there goes a DCM" and you can't understand why nobody else knows what you're talking about.
  • Normally, you give your wife static for sending you to the grocery store but today you volunteer to go because you just found out that a picture of your car is in the September issue of Super Chevy Magazine.
  • You spend 15 minutes driving around a crowded parking lot hoping to find that perfect spot, even though the movie has already started.
  • The first waking thought you have at 6 A.M. EVERY Saturday morning is to get up and go wash your SS.
  • You have an 8 x 10 color printout (downloaded from the Internet) of an SS doing a smoky burnout, hanging on your office wall.
  • The only thing you use your computer for anymore is to check for new Impala e-mail.
  • You take heart knowing that those bugs paid the ultimate price for messing up the front of your SS.
  • Your wife/girlfriend now points out Impalas and can tell you the difference between a 94, 95 and a 96.
  • You special order all your shoes with lifetime warranty Green Silicon Rubber soles!
  • You request a parking lot view of your car instead of an ocean front so you can watch the guys gawk at your car instead of gawking at the babes on the beach!!!
  • You wake up in the middle of the night, slink over to the window, part the curtains, and gaze at your car for a minute or so. At least twice per night.
  • You cannot stop smirking.
  • You calculate your gas mileage every time you fuel up, and get mad at your significant other when she doesn't reset the trip odometer when SHE fuels up -- but, you probably don't let her fuel it up anyway.
  • You sneakily look in the rear view mirror to see if that Bubba you've just passed is sneakily trying to get a second look at your car.
  • You can hardly conceal that insane grin as people gawk at your car, but you try your best to look indifferent, even bored.
  • You keep grumbling "sorry" to your wimpy passengers for snapping their necks back and forth.
  • Your wife actually knows what reverse-flow cooling is.
  • You dont eat lunch at work because if you save the $6.00 every day so in 5 months you can buy the Bilstiens.
  • You measure EVERY new home garage to make sure the SS fits, otherwise refuse to buy the house.
  • Everytime you pass by the garage door you open it just to look.
  • You buy the Impala SS model kit and then buy the Corvette  kit so you can put the LT4 in it.
  • You wipe down your Impala after each time you use it.
  • You have mats on top of the factory floor mats.
  • You check white Caprices in parking lots to see if they really include that fuel bib on all of the white Caprices.
  • You park your car on some type of mat on the garage floor.
  • You always wave to other Impala owners on the highway.
  • You budget more for Impala parts than say, family vacations.
  • You start buying clothes that match your Impala as well as your skin tone.
  • You cut the workbench in half so the car will fit in the garage.
  • You only patronize convenience store whose cups FIT in the cup holders.
  • You have more pictures of the car than you do of the wife.
  • You save up for weeks to cut 2/10ths off your 1/4 mile time.
  • You discover your spouse has a much broader vocabulary above 120 mph.
  • You measure all family acquisitions in terms of the number of mods that could have been purchased.
  • You sit in your Impala in a dark garage and make car noises while waiting for the Chevy mechanic to finish under the hood.
  • Your wife says, "If you buy nitrous, I'm getting a new mink."
  • You have enough spare parts to build another Impala.
  • You have Impala parts in your cubicle at work.
  • You're registered for wedding gifts at the Impala SuperStore Your Christmas list begins with 3.42's and a six-speed.
  • Your friends don't recognize you without an Impala hat and sunglasses.
  • You astound the clerk at Sears by bringing in a snapped breaker bar every other week or so.
  • You've ever tried to convince your wife that you really need that flow bench to fix the air filter on her station wagon.
  • You save broken car parts as "momentos".
  • You've found your lawnmower runs pretty good on 93 octane gas (*after* you recalibrated the PCM...).
  • You know that you're a real gear-head when during a phone call to your wife to wish her a happy Mother's Day.., you ask her how the Impala is doing. :-)