Bob's 1FineCaprice



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Engine - Drivetrain and Suspension 

 1. Throttle Body Air Foil 

 2. Alex at PCMperformance did my PCM programing 
 3. RAISS Air intake system W/AF2 and Dual Intake Pipe 
4. Personalized license plate frame 
 5. Auto X Ray Real Time Scanner
6. Impala SS front and rear swaybars
 7. 3.42 gear change

 8. Felpro Gaket

 9. Flowmaster Force III exhaust system
10. Replace mechanical fan with factory electric fan
11. 180 Degree AC Delco Thermostat
12. Valvoline 80W90 gear oil with GM limited slip additive
13. Firebird 6 speed EGR valve
14. Impala Springs
15. AC Delco shocks
16. Rustic Racing front suspension
17. Body Bushing Uprade
18. Heat shield for Throttle Body Boot
19. Exhaust damper on left side of exhaust system
20. Rustic Racing adjustable length upper and lower trailing arms
21. LT-4 Spark Module
22. Factory service manuals
23. Denny's 6061 Alluminum 1/2 inch extended length driveshaft

24. Air pump Delete
25. F Body MAF
26. Crankcase Filter
27. GMs S10 Torque Converter
28. Energy Suspension Pinion Snubber
29. Comp Cams 1.6 ratio full roller rocker arms
30. Comp Cams Beehive Valve Springs
31. Silicone MAF boot
32. Magnacore wires
33. EZ coolant bleeder

Interior and Exterior                                                                                                     

 1. Caprice SS emblem over radio
 2. Delco "Monsoon Series" AM/FM CD player
 3. Factory 12 CD changer
 4. Infinity Reference Speakers 6x9 rear and 6.5 round front                                                    
 5. GM Foam lower front door seals
 6. Insulate floors and doors with 1/8 inch foil backed foam insulation
 7. Dark tint on rear window
8. Impala SS grill
 9. LTZ Hood Orniment
10. Caprice SS side scripts
11. Impala SS taillights
12. LT-1 emblem on trunk
13. Custom License Plate Frame
14. Impala SS side body moldings
15. Impala SS Wheel lip moldings
16. Impala SS front and rear bumper inserts

17. Clear cornering lights
18. Engraved Throttle Body Cover
19. Impala SS wheels
20. Michelin MXV4 Plus 235/55/17
21. Impala SS rear spoiler
22. Removed squeaks by applying adhesive backed teflon tape to
      plastic surfaces that rub against other surfaces
23. 1/8th inch foil backed foam on floors and door panels
24. Impala SS emblems added to roof pillars
25. Trunk panels
26. Center Console
27. Ram Air Decal
28. Brake light "Caprice SS" decal

29. Headlight covers
30. HD seat rails
31. Manual antenna switch
32. Close all windows sticker
33. GM compass mirror with map lights
34. 1996 Camero insturment cluster


1. 80/100W headlights with Painless Wiring HD relay system
2. 50 Watt Backup Bulbs
3. Three light stop and turn signal rear lights
4. Extended range antenna for remote door locks
5. Switch for power antenna
6. Reroute wires under home plate for a clean look
7. Remote door locks wired so that the interior lights come on for 30 seconds when unlock is hit.
Then will go off if the key is turned on
8. Brighter 2357 bulbs replacing all 2057 bulbs
9. Innovative Wiring Heavy Duty Battery Cables

       All modifications were fairly easy. If you need further information on them, please email me