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Impala and Caprice Part Numbers

Part numbers are supplied from various sources and subject to error


10105379 Stock 48mm throttle body gasket
12524653 Intake manifold gasket set
12552469 Exhaust manifold gasket set
10168457 .043" head gaskets (LT4 Aluminum heads)
12553160 .029" Head Gaskets (LT1 Cast Iron heads)
Fel-1074 .039" head gaskets (LT1 Aluminum heads) * FelPro Part# *
10128293 Front cover (timing cover) gasket
12552428 Front cover Optispark Seal
10128316 Front cover crank seal
10474278 Distributor drive shaft seal
12553792 Water pump drive seal
10217886 Water pump front seal
10128343 Water pump gasket (2)
12527741 LT1 Water Pump F, Y body
12527740 LT1 Water pump B body
4060642 main serpentine belt
4040372 fan belt for HDC equipped vehicles
10046089 Centerbolt Valve Cover Gasket
25171377 Oil Filter AC PF52(Duraguard)
25325403 Oil Filter AC PF52(Duraguard Silver)
25322836 Oil Filter AC PF52(Ultraguard Gold)
10108676 Oil Pan Gasket
12551589 Oil Filter Adapter gasket
10244495 Oil Filter Adapter o-ring
88893990 oil Filter Adapter Gasket & O-Ring.
14090908 oil cooler tube seals (2)
17113382 OEM EGR Valve
17113381 F-Body EGR valve
12337972 EGR Valve Gasket
10055726 EGR Tube Gasket
25095452 PCV VALVE
10240678 PCV GROMMET
12556257 PCV PIPE
17113065 Evap canistor
9438315 Evap hose
460483 Engine valve oil seal
10046089 iron head rocker cover
25121978 fuel filter
12370835 LT1/LT4 Extreme Duty Roller Timing Set
12555885 LT1/LT4 Roller Timing Set Cam Gear (95+ LT1) or 94 + B-body
12555886 Lt1/LT4 Roller Timing Set Crank Gear (95+ LT1) or 94 + B-body
12555887 LT1/LT4 Roller Timing Set Roller Chain (95+ LT1) or 94 + B-body
10128346 LT1 Link-Chain Timing Set Crank Sprocket
10128485 LT1 Link-Chain Timing Set Link Chain
10128349 95+ LT1 Link-Chain Timing Set Cam Sprocket or 94 + B-body
10476885 Crank posistion sensor SEAL (96 only--OBD II)
22146273 left motor mount (LT1)
22146274 right motor mount (LT1)
12555714 Rear main seal housing gasket
17113086 Pressure regulator seal kit
10115875 1LE AC delete pulley
10260863 SEO Green upper radiator hose grp 1.159
10197619 SEO Greenlower radiator hose 1.173
10219447 SEO Green coolant rcvry reservoir hose 1.240
10256544 SEO Green heater in/out hose assembly 8.846
10258505 SEO Gree heater flow cont. vlv w/hoses 8.866 (also ACDelco 15-5508)
10157988 coolant flow control valve 8.866 (also ACDelco 15-5423)
12522867 Tee, heater water bypass 8.846
52469251 Heater Core
12556260 Pipe assy. from heads to coolant resvoir, includes seals and bolts
10108689 Coolant pipe to head seals, 4 req.
10204015 LH Export Headpipe
10204014 RH ExportHeadpipe
10168551 Exhaust Gasket
10249851 10222996, Cat heat sheilds
10279898 10279899, Muffler heat sheilds
10191138 10203814, Fuel tank heat sheilds
12551486 hub balancer
9440024 hex bolt / hub balancer
17113178 Throttle Body(TB) Gasket Kit
12110319 IAT (Intake Air Temp) Sensor
17106680 TPS (Trottle Position Sensor)
17113099 IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve
12552321 Composite valve cover "Left"
12552322  Composite valve cover "Right"
10108674 Studs for composite valve covers
10108675 Nuts for composite valve covers
25147210  1LE intake elbow
10105324 Crankcase vent hose

DRIVETRAIN(Tranny, 8.5" rear end)

1234726 crush sleeve for 8.5" Axle
26033578 Pinion Seal (Production piece)
26064028 Pinion Seal (New design) will not work with standard yoke. Is part of the service kit.
26066456 differential cover gasket, 2nd design
24202310 S10 torque converter, 140 K factor.
24204670 Torque converter alternate,135 K factor. 100 rpm or less difference than S-10 unit.
12470387 Yoke Service Kit / Pinion flange
26018943 3.08 reluctor B-body
26018944 3.23 reluctor B-body
26018945 3.42 reluctor B-body
26018946 3.73 reluctor B-body
12524176 Rear axle ABS sensor O-ring
24210915 DEEP transmission pan--no drain plug
24215535 DEEP transmission pan--with drain plug, Torx
24213991 plug--hex head, for DEEP pan plug
24208576 filter for deep trans pan
24202310 S10 Converter


18022147 rear caliper guide pin
14067559 rear guide pin bolt
12337902 rear caliper bracket bolt
14067552 rear caliper guide pin boot
18021519 caliper brackets for 9C1 (cad plated)
18021945 caliper brackets for Impala (black finish)
18005606 front caliper bushing kit (one kit per car)
18028256 Rear rotor Durastop 18A656
18021049 Front rotor (non-Impala SS) ACD 177-754
18021344 Front rotor (Impala SS) ACD 177-753
18027999 Front rotor Durastop 18A399
18039371 Front rotor Durastop HP 18A1030 (left)
18039372 Front rotor Durastop HP 18A1031 (right)
88917169 ACDelco 17 D614 C Ceramic front brake pads
18021516 Front wheel bearing dust cap


26014085 Steering shaft Assy.
457915 body bushings, position 1,2,3,4,6 (Pink) lower mounts
457917 body bushing, position 7 (Dk Green) lower mounts
10221779 front swaybar endlinks
88912214 Sway bar Link kit "performance" similar to 10221779 1LE Camaro
88912477 Bumper,lower control arm, with self locking nut
15989674 Bumper, lower control arm, from S10 ZQ8 suspension package. Can be ground down.
88911336 Idler arm, Dana-Spicer sourced, with bonded blue poly seals
26001594 Seal, power steering system, for metal pipe fitting connections
Front lower control arm jounce (compression) bumpers:
15989674 is 1st design ZQ8, urethane foam, configured like a stock rubber bumper
15956547 is 2nd design ZQ8, urethane foam, much taller and more integrated into the overall spring rate--contacts frame to serve to contol the rate of suspension compression in conjuction with the spring & shock setup.
This part is a possible tuning aid for autocross and road racing, and is now being used in current production ZQ8 & Extreme.
10225142 Buick brace
26055706 Power Steering New pump for 94-96 Chevy B w/N40 steering
26060578 Power Steering Reman pump ACDelco 36-5510 (superseded by 88985220)
88985220 Power Steering Reman pump ACDelco 36-516309 (from Canada!)
15597425 front spring isolator "sits on top of spring"
7804439 Lower Steering column bushing


12176639 Brass AUX Battery Post
16188051 94-95 LT1 PCM
10456126 Knock sensor 94-95
10456287 Knock sensor 96
16188309 Knock module - LT1 95 Impala SS
16217700 Knock module - LT1 F-Body OBD-I
16214661 Knock module - LT1 F-body OBD-II
16214671 Knock module - LT1 Corvette
16214681 Knock module - LT4 Corvette
16214691 Knock module - LT1 Impala 2
25008308 3.5" MAF sensor
2503679 1 bar MAP sensor
25312184 O2 Sensor
1997223 EGR Solenoid
1104032 Complete OptiSpark Distributor
10457293 Optispark Cap & Rotor Kit (inc bolts/cover/o-rings)
10455709 Starter--gear reduction, lightweight, new no core, from 92-96 LT1 Corvette
ACDelco EP376-- Fuel pump OE replacement
NAPA 888536 --Fuel Pump Harness for in-tank sending unit
1997201 Evap canister purge solenoid
12555984 Evap canister purge switch
10268235 Trunk light
52455732 Blower motor resistor pack

Misc Part Numbers 

12343958 12-Disc CD Changer  "Use with stock Cassette Radio only"
12344015 12-Disc CD Changer Harness 
52469251 Heater Core
966-6748 Window roller "New Round Style"
S&B Filters:
Flange ID: 3.5" (F-MAF)
Filter Height: 6" (longest you can get in RAISS)
Top Outside Diameter: 5.25"

Rubber Endcap (No Powerstack) Red Oil:   R0811

Stainless Steel Endcap with Powerstack Red Oil:  R0812

Black Endcap with Powerstack Red Oil:   R0813

Red Endcap with Powerstack Red Oil:   R0814

Blue Endcap with Powerstack Red Oil:   R0815

Rubber Endcap (No powerstack) Blue Oil:   R1126

Stainless Endcap with Powerstack Blue Oil:   R1127

Flange ID 3.125" (Stock MAF)
Filter Height: 6"
Top Outside Diameter: 5.25"

Rubber endcap (No PS) Red Oil:   R0776

SS endcap w/ PS Red Oil:   R0777

Black endcap w/ PS Red Oil:   R0778

Red endcap w/ PS Red Oil:   R0779

Blue endcap w/ PS Red Oil:   R0780

Rubber endcap no PS blue Oil:   R1091

SS endcap w/ PS Blue Oil:   R1092